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Welcome to Bluesummerhouse gifts Cambridge.


I put this selection of products and gifts together because I love them, I hope you will too. 

The designs and gifts have grown in popularity since they were initially sourced to complement the bespoke furniture design and making business of my husband, Jeff. 

Drawing on my background in art and design, I have spent a good deal of time searching out unique home-ware and gifts which express the creativity of the person who designed and made them.

I believe in the traditional values of hand-crafted design and gifts made in the UK or sourced from ethical makers and suppliers. 

Bluesummerhouse offers you the experience of using products which embody the creative passion and originality of designers and makers who have an ethical conscience. 

Choices range from jewellery made from colourful grass beads strung together with sparkling Czech glass beads and hand-crafted by Masai women in Kenya, to handmade soaps and bath products made in the English countryside from natural and pure ingredients.


You'll find some individual pieces from artists and craftspeople who do not sell to any mainstream outlets. They are limited availability bespoke designs.

When you buy from Bluesummerhouse, you can be assured of the unique quality which is only found in handmade design and gifts made in the UK or sourced from ethical makers and suppliers.


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